Indoor Snowball Fight

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My apologies for the lack of posting around here lately. Things have been quite busy, and I just haven’t had the time. My family came to visit us in Mexico over the holidays, and we spent a big chunk of time searching for a new apartment. Then, we just barely got settled in the new place before Mike’s parents came down for a visit. They’re still here for another week, so posting has taken a bit of a back seat. But hey… with all the crazy holiday craftying in December, you probably enjoyed the break.

As I mentioned we’re in Mexico, and although I LOVE not having to shovel snow, there are parts of the fluffy white stuff that I do occasionally miss. When I came across this adorable idea for an indoor snowball fight I was instantly smitten, and knew I just had to share it with you.

Indoor Snowball Fight

You can use a pom pom maker like this one from Clover ($8.00 USD).

Clover Pom Pom Maker

Or you can always use the good ol’fashioned cardboard way: (Download Template Here)

How To Make a Pom Pom

Download Template Here

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Handmade Gift Ideas: For Pets

December 14, 2011 - Filed under Christmas, How-to, Inspiration

Don’t forget your furry friends this holiday season… they’re part of the family too! Pamper your pets with these adorable handmade gifts.

Handmade Gifts For Pets

1. Pet Food Canister: Recycle and old tin into a handy and stylish pet food container.

2. Stamped Metal Pet ID Tags: Mentioned this technique in the gifts for her post, and think it works just as well for pet tags. Check out this great tutorial on stamping metal to create your own.

3. Cat Nip Mice: A great way to use up fabric scraps and a perfect toy to keep your cat entertained this holiday season.

4. Dog Paw Stocking: Who says stockings are just for people? This cute dog paw stocking is a great way to include your furry friend in the festivities.

5. Dog Bed: Tired of sharing your bed or couch with your pooch? Why not make him his own comfy bed?

6. Rope Toy: This is a super easy gift and cheap too! All you need are a few dish towels and a couple minutes of time, and you’ve got yourself a new rope bone perfect for tug-of-war!

7. DIY Dog Collars: Is your pup in need of a new collar? Here’s a great tutorial for a cute collar sure to put a little bounce in your pups steps.

8. Dog Bowl Stand: You dine in style so why shouldn’t your pooch? Why not make him his very own dining table?

9. Cat Scratching Pad: Keep your cat away from your furniture and give her this cute fish shaped scratching pad.

10. Doggy Rain Coat: Pamper your pup and keep him dry on your winter walks with his very own rain coat.

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Handmade Gift Ideas: For Him

December 12, 2011 - Filed under Acccessories, Christmas, How-to, Inspiration

Lets face it… when it comes to giving handmade, girls are easy. It’s the men on the other-hand that are a little more difficult to make for. But, never fear, we’ve got some great gift ideas you can make for the special men in your life.

Handmade Gifts For Him

1. Bacon infused Vodka: I don’t know a man alive who doesn’t like bacon. Combine that with booze and you’ve got a winner on your hands.

2. Bay Rum Aftershave: Give your man a manly smell with this Bay Rum Aftershave. Get the recipe here.

3. Mustache Etched Pint Glasses: These would make a great gift for the beer lover on your list. Check out this tutorial on how to etch glass to see just how easy it is.

4. Beef Jerky: Another classic manly gift. Package it up in a nice jar and you’ll surely put a smile on your guy’s face.

5. Bicycle Brake Clock: Does your guy love mountain biking and all things out doors? Why not make him this bicycle brake clock for his office so he can count down the hours till he can hit the trails.

6. iPad Sleeve: A handmade iPad Sleeve doesn’t have to be cutesy or girly. Use rugged and durable fabrics like wool and leather to create a sleeve that’s functional and masculine.

7. BBQ Rubs: Does your guy love to grill? Here are some easy recipes for yummy rubs, complete with downloadable labels.

8. Black & Tan Beer Soap: No lavender and rose petals here… this soap is all man.

9. Typographic Coasters: Skip the lace and doilies in favor of cork and plywood with these typographic coasters.

10. Screen Printed Tie: Spruce up a plain tie with unique screen printed designs like these ones from Etsy seller 20twenty. Or check out this screen printing tutorial to learn how to make your own.

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Chalkboard Love

August 13, 2010 - Filed under Inspiration, Painting

With the end of summer quickly approaching, and the start of a new school year almost almost upon us, thoughts turn to new pencils, recess bells, and empty chalkboards just begging to be written on. But chalkboards aren’t just for classrooms anymore. Blame it on the inner 8 year old in me but I love anything you can doodle on….

1. Wall Calendar by Martha Stewart
2. Dinning Room from House & Home
3. Chalkboard Fridge by Danny Seo
4. Animal Wall Stickers from Cocobohème
5. Children’s Room on OhDeeOh
6. Beach Side Retreat from Coastal Living
7. Chalkals by Modern Dose

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DIY Summer Lanterns

July 20, 2010 - Filed under How-to, Inspiration

With summer now in full swing, thoughts of backyard barbecues and outdoor parties spring to mind. There’s no better way to enjoy those warm summer days, than lounging in the backyard with good friends and good food, making the most of those long days. But just because the sun eventually has to set, doesn’t mean the party has to end. Check out some of these great ideas for lamps and lanterns… a perfect way to help make those long summer nights, even longer.


Remember Safety First
If you’re using any flammable materials like paper bags, or are hanging lanterns in trees, be sure to stay away from real flames. You can purchase inexpensive battery operated tea lights, and candles online or at many craft stores and hardware stores.

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Christmas dinner place card holders

December 22, 2009 - Filed under Christmas, How-to, Inspiration

Place card holders are a fun and festive way to glam up the table and add that personal touch. Here are a few DIY options for your holiday dinner.


Twig and Branches | Christmas Ornaments | Rustic Napkin Holders | Branch Place Card Holder | Eucalyptus Chair Tags | Pine Cone Place Card Holders | Gingerbread Cottages | Paper Tree Place Card

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Creative Gift Wrap Ideas

December 16, 2009 - Filed under Christmas, Inspiration


Now that you’ve made gift tags and learned how to make your own bows, it’s time to talk gift wrap!

  • Kraft paper is always a favorite of mine. Keep it simple with a beautiful ribbon , dress it up with some sequins and string, or add a few stamps for that personal touch. Kraft paper is very flexible and always adds a little handmade feel. (1, 2, 3)
  • If brown isn’t your thing, you can use any colored paper you prefer. You can buy Christmas themed stamps at your local craft store, or make your own. Just be sure to pick ink that will show up on your paper. (4, 5).
  • Try adding some elements from your own backyard. Pine cones, berry, branches and holly make great decorations and wont cost you a thing. Or fake a little nature with wood grain paper and cut out leafs.(6, 9)
  • For an alternative to stamps, try cutting out holiday shapes like this winter scene by Martha Stewart. (7)
  • Your sewing machine can also be used to help with your wrapping this holiday season. Sew cute little paper envelopes or re-usable fabric gift bags. (8, 10)
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Happy Thanksgiving America

November 26, 2009 - Filed under Inspiration, Thanksgiving


These cute acorn cookies are from Amy Atlas’s Thanksgiving Dessert Buffet.

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Handmade Nation on DVD

November 25, 2009 - Filed under Inspiration


For those of you who haven’t been able to catch one of the screenings of Handmade Nation, Faythe Levine’s indie documentary about the rise of DIY craft, art and design. It’s now available on DVD. This would make a great stocking stuffer for the crafty person in your life!

Buy Handmade Nation on DVD here

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Pumpkin Week – Day 4: Handmade Pumpkins

October 22, 2009 - Filed under Halloween, How-to, Inspiration

It’s always a little sad when that Jack-O-lantern you put so much work into starts to shrivel up on you. Here are some great ideas for handmade pumpkins you can keep forever.

handmade pumpkins

1. Decadent Fibers’ needle felting kit, includes two needles, illustrated instructions, and custom-dyed wool.

2. Martha shows you how to make these decorative pumpkins from rope, and foam balls.

3. Etsy is a great place to shop for handmade holiday decorations, like this cute little pumpkin.

4. David Frykman has several Halloween inspired woodcarvings including this set of three pumpkins.

5. More pumpkins made with hand dyed wool over at Turkey Feathers.

6. Show off your basic wood working skills with these easy wooden pumpkins.

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