Hugs & Kisses Tic Tac Toe – Free Printable

February 4, 2013 - Filed under Free Stuff, Valentine's Day

Spend some time with your Valentine playing this cute game of Hugs + Kisses Tic Tac Toe. This project makes a great Valentine for your kids to give out at school and is even fun for those adults who are just kids at heart. Simply print out the playing cards, and the X & O pieces, then cut them out with scissors or a craft knife.

Tip: You can use a craft punch to cut out circles for the playing pieces to save you time.

Valentine's Day - Hugs & Kisses TicTacToe

Download the Free Printable

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Holiday Bingo! Free Printable

December 13, 2012 - Filed under Christmas, Free Stuff

Looking for a way to entertain the family while you wait for Santa? Add some festive fun to your Christmas celebration with Holiday Bingo! Print this pdf on heavy card stock, then cut out the cards and you’re ready to play.

Holiday Bingo Free Printable

Download Holiday Bingo >>

(10 different playing cards included)

Happy Holidays from Talk Crafty To Me!

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Christmas Photo Booth Props – Free Printable

December 6, 2012 - Filed under Christmas, Free Stuff

Every good party needs a photo booth, and props are a great way to make sure your guests cut loose and get silly. Simply print these patterns, glue them to foam core, cut them out with an exacto knife, and add a stick! Then you and your friends can get snapping! Happy Holidays!

*** UPDATE ***
A friendly reader just noticed that the ‘Naughty’ & ‘Nice’ arrows were missing from the original pdf. This has now been updated. Thanks Jenni!

Christmas Photo Booth Props - Free Printable

Download Here >>

8.5×11 paper
Foam core
Spray Adhesive
Exacto Knife

Step 1: Click here to download the free printable and print out pictures of the props.

Step 2: Spray each piece with spray adhesive and mount to the foam core.

Step 3: Using an exacto knife cut out the shapes of the props.

Step 4: Tape the dowel to the backside of the prop.

Step 5: Get Snapping!

Happy Holidays from

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Free DIY Printable Christmas Ornament Advent Calendar

November 23, 2011 - Filed under Christmas, Free Stuff

Still haven’t gotten around to putting together this year’s advent calendar? Don’t worry there’s still time. Download TalkCraftyToMe’s free, printable advent calendar, for an easy project you can do this holiday weekend. Simply print out the pattern, cut out the 24 ornaments, fold and stuff with a Christmas treat. Then string them together as a garland, or use them to decorate your tree.

Take a break from all the cooking this weekend, and make the most of a house full of company. Get your friends and family to each cut out an ornament or two and you’ll be done in no time. This project is so easy, you can even do it while you’re watching football!

Don’t forget to send us pictures of the final project, or add them to our facebook page!

TalkCraftyToMe - Free DIY Printable Advent Calendar

Click here to download the Christmas Ornament Advent Calendar (pdf)

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Free Gift Tag Download

December 15, 2009 - Filed under Christmas, Free Stuff


My holiday gift to you! If you don’t have time to make your own gift tags, you can download these snowflake ones I designed.

Place white card stock into your printer and print page one. Then take the same page and flip it over and print page two. This will give you double sided gift tags you can then cut out and address. Use a small hole punch to punch a hole in the top of the tag, then use ribbon or string to attach to your gifts.

Download Here


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DIY Halloween Garland Freebie!

October 27, 2009 - Filed under Free Stuff, Halloween, How-to, Paper goods

Looking for some last minute Halloween decorations? Here’s a quick project I designed that you can download for free!

Print the pdf onto card stock, cut out the circles and thread them along a piece of ribbon or string. Feel free to use the pieces any way you like. Spell out “Happy Halloween” across your mantel, or sting individual circles from your ceiling. You could even shrink them down, attach them to toothpicks and use them as cupcake toppers! The sky’s the limit, so get creative.


Download the Garland

The pdf contains 5 spooky illustrations, all the letters to spell “Happy Halloween”, and a few assorted patterns to break things up.

(p.s. feel free to send me photos of your finished garland!)

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Halloween Snack Labels – Free Download

October 9, 2009 - Filed under Free Stuff, Halloween, Holidays

Let’s face it, Halloween is synonymous with candy and chocolate. It can be hard to find savory snacks that have a spooky feel to them. Sure there are some out there, but if deviled eggs and cocktail weenies are a little too 1950’s suburban house wife for you, you’re probably looking for alternatives.

With a little imagination and some new creepy names you can turn your favorite party pleasers into spooky snacks.


Salsa and guacamole become “Spicy Brain Sauce” and “Snot Dip”, your favorite chicken wings are now “Bat Wings” and a bowl of mixed olives become “Alien Eyeballs”. Barbecued baby back ribs cut up and thrown in a bucked gives you a “Bucket o’ Bones”, and top some mini tacos with sour cream and green jalapeno hot sauce and you’ve got “Toxic Tacos”. “Brain Dip” could be hummus or your favorite cheese dip, and batch of spinach dip becomes “Swamp Dip”.

You can download these Halloween Labels for your party, or use the template to create your own.


– Download Halloween_Labels

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