Handmade Gift Guide: Gifts From The Kitchen

December 14, 2012 - Filed under Christmas, How-to

Because the holidays and food go hand-in-hand, and because my previous Gifts From Your Kitchen post was so popular, today’s last and final gift guide post is an extended version, with even more fabulous gift ideas for you to whip up in your kitchen!

In addition to the recipes, most of these ideas also come with printable labels or packaging ideas to make sure your gifts not only taste great, but look great too.

Handmade Gifts From the Kitchen

1. Fleur de Sel Caramels – All the rage right now, these salted caramels make a fabulous gift, and printable labels come in 3 styles.

2. Foolproof Fudge – Traditional fudge can be difficult, but this streamlined recipe is simple enough for kids to make.

3. Bacon Jam – Who doesn’t love bacon? This would make a great gift for pretty much anyone on your list.

4. Holiday Truffles – These easy chocolate truffles look festive in their Christmas Red and Greens.

5. Infused Vodka – When it comes to infusing vodka there are endless options. Try fruity with pineapple or strawberries, sweet with vanilla beans or spicy with jalapeños.

6. Homemade Jam – Traditional homemade jam is always a treat, and these cute labels come in 10 different flavors.

7. Flavored Coffee Syrup – Do you have any coffee lovers on your holiday gift list this year? This is a cute little idea takes your morning cup of joe to the next level.

8. Bite-sized Cookies in a Jar – Mason jars are perfect for packaging, and I love the way you can see these adorable cookies inside.

9. Marinated Goat Cheese – Bring artisanal flavor to plain store-bought chèvre with this simple marinade — then gift your haute-rustic handiwork in a gorgeous glass jar.

10. Flavored Salts – Elevate your favorite foodies’ cooking to another level with flavored salts. These make great gifts, and a little goes a long way.

11. Homemade Butter Mints – Homemade butter mints are soft, creamy, and not at all difficult to make. Just five ingredients and a bit of mixing, kneading, and rolling are required.

12. Pumpkin Butter – Fantastic spread on toast and muffins, over waffles, stirred in ice cream. The spices added to this treat are the same spices added to pumpkin pie, so it has all of the flavor, without all of the fat!

13. Easy Pickled Jalapeños – These quick and easy pickled jalapenos aren’t just for spicy Southwestern dishes though… They add a zesty zip to plenty of dishes, from burgers to soups, dips to salads and plenty more. Toss ‘em in cornbread too!

14. Oreo Truffles – These easy Oreo truffles make great holiday neighbor gifts, and the cute labels are free to print.

15. Homemade BBQ Rub & Sauce – Got someone on your list who loves to grill? Why not make them some homemade BBQ Rub, and delicious sweet & spicy BBQ sauce?

16. Homemade Pesto – This recipe is so impossibly easy, you’ll wish you’d started making it years ago.

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