Quick and easy handmade holiday cards

November 14, 2011 - Filed under Christmas

Apparently the general consensus on when you should mail your Christmas cards seems to be the first week in December. That means if you’re planing on making your cards this year, it’s time to start thinking about them.

I know, I know, it’s still November and seems way too early to be thinking about Christmas, but as the weather starts to turn and the days get shorter and shorter, why not get started early before the real rush of the season kicks in and you get distracted by all the fun holiday parties!

Here are just a few great examples of how you can get creative with your own holiday cards. Combine these simple techniques and let your imagination guide you.

Easy Handmde ChristmasCards

1. & 2. Modern Holiday 3D Tree & Ornament Cards: Use bold trendy patterned paper to make these modern holiday cards really stand out.

3. Sewn Bunting Holiday Card: These whimsical cards are so cute and easy to create. Simply cut small triangles out of scrap material and sew to the front of your cards.

4. Pop-up Reindeer Card: Although this card looks a little more complicated, Samir’s great tutorial makes it easy for you to recreate to this cute pop-up card yourself.

5. Modern Christmas Tree Card: Another modern, but simple card, made by wrapping embroidery floss around a card. Little whole punched notches help hold it in place to create a decorative tree.

6. Shape Punched Holiday Cards: These cards are made easily by punching out shapes in card stock. You can find all kinds of craft punches at your local craft store.

7. Thumbprint Reindeer Card: This cute idea is perfect for kids. Use your thumb to stamp reindeer heads your card. Then glue on googly eyes and pom-pom noses, and finish by drawing on the antlers.

8. Happy Snow Stamped Card: Vivian from Polka Dot Robot, shows you how easy it is to create a unique holiday card with just a couple of stamps and some imagination. She also beautifully decorated the inside of the envelope with some co-ordinating patterned paper.

9. Die Cut Ornament Card: A great idea for those of you with lots of people on your mailing list. This card uses a die-cutting machine to create the ornament shapes, but you could use craft punches to create a similar look.

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