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I’m so excited to finally be able to tell you all about Happy Sew Lucky, a new Vancouver business, run by local designer and friend Berene Campbell. Launched a little over a month ago, Happy Sew Lucky is a labour of love that’s been in the making for the past year. These adorable DIY kits are all designed by Berene herself, hand cut, and packed with the help of some very supportive friends and family.

Due to my crazy travel schedule these days, I wasn’t able to try out one of the kits myself, but instead I enlisted the help of one of my good friends, who also happens to be a new mom, and has just gotten her first sewing machine. Laura graciously agreed to give one of these kits a go and document her experience.

*        *        *        *        *        *        *

I was both excited and nervous to have the project of making Happy Sew Lucky’s Minky Cat. Excited because it’s a super cute design made from soft 100% organic cotton and nervous because my sewing expertise to date involved hemming some curtains and inventing a Halloween costume for my daughter. I had never used a pattern before. Fortunately the instructions were very well written and easy to follow. I made sure I had everything in order, took a deep breath and began.

It was confidence building to start with the section of the project I was pretty sure I couldn’t mess up – ironing part of the pattern onto the fusable batting. Then once I had all of the small pieces cut out it was time to sew them together. For me this was the trickiest part because of the tight corners. What was nice about the instructions is that they very honestly mentioned this part is tricky and offered some advice. I found that even though my corners weren’t the most perfect the design of Minky is quite forgiving. Once I had all the pieces sewn together and the right way out, any slightly off course stitching didn’t seem too obvious!

Attaching Minky’s ears, legs, arms and tail was a little more complicated but once again the instructions helped keep me on track. I did manage to sew Minky’s ears on back to front (sorry Minky!) but I am going to put that down to sleep deprivation because the instructions and diagram really were excellent.

The final part of hand sewing Minky’s head to her body was a little finicky but even with my limited sewing experience I triumphed. The end result was a Minky Cat that I proudly compared to the photo on the packaging and found a close likeness (minus the back to front ears!).

*        *        *        *        *        *        

– For more information on Happy Sew Lucky Kits, including where to buy, check out the website!

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  1. Berene December 13, 2010 1:10 pm

    Congrats Laura – looks like you did an awesome job for a newbie! (Esp given you were using a new sewing machine & are being sleep deprived by a new baby.) I’m quite sure Minky will totally forgive you for sewing her ears on backwards – she will be able to hear anyone behind her admiring her lovely tail.
    I hope that even though you found the curves a bit challenging, that you had fun. This is the most important part. That and the satisfying feeling of self-pride when you finish the product and it looks great. Thanks Kelly, for hosting Happy Sew Lucky patterns & kits!

  2. krista - Poppyprint December 13, 2010 1:44 pm

    Your minky cat is perfectly sweet! I love Happy Sew Lucky designs; they are so fresh and like nothing else out there for wanna-be crafters and experienced ones alike.

  3. Laura December 13, 2010 2:25 pm

    Thanks Berene, I had a lot of fun! It was great to have such a nice project to practice my sewing skills with.

  4. Ara April 3, 2011 9:03 am

    That is cute! It’s my first time seeing these kind of stuff. Where can I get that? I would like to make one too. Are there a list of characters?

  5. kelly April 3, 2011 9:13 am

    Hi Ara,

    You can learn more about these, by visiting their website http://www.happysewlucky.com/, and you can purchase them on Etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/happysewluckyshop

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