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October 9, 2009 - Filed under Free Stuff, Halloween, Holidays

Let’s face it, Halloween is synonymous with candy and chocolate. It can be hard to find savory snacks that have a spooky feel to them. Sure there are some out there, but if deviled eggs and cocktail weenies are a little too 1950’s suburban house wife for you, you’re probably looking for alternatives.

With a little imagination and some new creepy names you can turn your favorite party pleasers into spooky snacks.


Salsa and guacamole become “Spicy Brain Sauce” and “Snot Dip”, your favorite chicken wings are now “Bat Wings” and a bowl of mixed olives become “Alien Eyeballs”. Barbecued baby back ribs cut up and thrown in a bucked gives you a “Bucket o’ Bones”, and top some mini tacos with sour cream and green jalapeno hot sauce and you’ve got “Toxic Tacos”. “Brain Dip” could be hummus or your favorite cheese dip, and batch of spinach dip becomes “Swamp Dip”.

You can download these Halloween Labels for your party, or use the template to create your own.


– Download Halloween_Labels

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