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February 23, 2009 - Filed under Children, Inspiration


I stumbled across this amazing playhouse made out of woven willow while browsing treehugger for some work related research. Judith Needham, is a basket maker and willow weaver from England, who set out to make a beautiful and magical playhouse for her daughter as an alternative to the all too common plastic playhouses, found in every suburban neighborhood.


Handmade from natural English willow, not only is this playhouse beautiful to look at, but it’s also incredibly eco-friendly. The structure gradually degrades over time, due to sun and rain exposure, but when your child out grows it and it becomes brittle, it may be recycled: shredded and used for garden mulch, added to a compost bin, or used as kindling for building a fire.

Currently only available in the UK, and with a hefty price tag it’s definitely not something for everyone. But I hope this inspires you to consider building something imaginative and creative for your child.

For more about the ‘Dreaming Spires Playhouse’ visit http://www.judithneedham.co.uk/

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